Delaware chicks, at what age can they be sexed ?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by hot_house_chicken, May 21, 2010.

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    mine are hatchery ( ideal ) stock & i ordered 40 cockrells for meat & 48 pullets for eggs ( & they all made it + 12 ee ), so at what age should i be able to tell trhem apart. thanks in advance for your responses.
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    My Delaware were a little easier than some other breeds. It will vary based on your experience and the older they get the more sure you are. At 5 weeks you should get a pretty good indication. At seven weeks, it should be pretty clear, although you will probably have a few cases that are not absolutely definite.

    Good luck!!!
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    Males usually have lots of "smut" down their backs by a few weeks old, but the combs do turn fairly early on. By four weeks, you should have some good indications of sex. As adults the males have barred tails and the females have black feathers trimmed in white, called tail black, but at an early age, some pullets have barring in the tail feathers, which usually molts out as a "teenager".

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