Delaware Cockerel, 5 Wks Old, Excellent Lines/ N. Ga. Mtns

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    This Delaware cockerel was hatched March 24, out of my rooster Isaac with my best Delaware hen, Ellie, who come from Holtman lines that also draw from Meier and McDaniel. He's super friendly and personable, true to the Delaware nature. His sire has an easygoing, friendly, calm temperament and usually passes that on to his sons-you just cannot beat Isaac's temperament. You can see in the photos the bright yellow legs that are missing in some Delaware lines, but this kid has them in spades. An older chick pinched his comb today just before picture time, so sorry about that little blemish. He's very easygoing in the group already.

    I have decided not to keep another Delaware rooster in the flock at this time, so am offering him for just a small feed donation of $1 cash. Pickup at my home in Fannin County, GA, near the NC line.

    Only Available Through Until Saturday April 28!
    ..if not claimed by then, a friend is taking him back to KY with a load of other chicks
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    Apr 13, 2012
    I hope you find a good home for him!


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