Delaware Cockerel & Barred Male, 15 Wks Old(SOLD)/ Fannin Co. GA

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    Asa is a Delaware cockerel, 15 weeks old as of Tues. Nov. 25, needs home ASAP. He is sweet but living with elderly hens, some of whom really don't need a youngster attempting to mate them. As far as the SOP for the Delaware breed, he would be considered a cull, however, if he has inherited his sire's spectacular temperament, you will have the best flock rooster you could ever imagine; so far, he's a sweetheart.

    Asa is not great for breeding to SOP because he is way too dark in the hackles and tail, though he has spectacular leg color and will be a good size. He is out of Isaac, the rooster painted in my avatar, and Georgie, my only remaining Delaware hen, both approaching 6 years old, so he will be the last from my Delawares. Isaac usually passes on his very easygoing temperament to his sons so he will make an excellent flock leader, IMO. He comes from fabulous temperament and intelligence in his sire and longevity as well.

    Levi is a Barred Plymouth Rock cockerel, single factor barred (one barring gene, so very dark like a pullet), just a few days younger than the Delaware, also needs home. This guy is super sweet and calm and should make an excellent flock rooster. He will most likely look very much like his sire, Rex, also single barred. His mother is one of my Stukel line BR hens. He is also living with my aging hens so he needs his own flock ASAP!

    PICKUP ONLY! We are in Fannin County, GA, near the NC line. No Shipping. $5 for one (or both).

    Here are the parents of the Barred Rock male, Rex and Ida-you can see that Rex is also single factor barred.

    As always, we reserve the right to refuse to sell or rehome our birds to anyone for any reason we deem appropriate.

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    Aug 23, 2014
    I'll take them if you would drive to alabama
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    Sorry, they have to be picked up here. Can't afford to spend $50 in gasoline to sell two birds for $10.
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    The boys are still available. They are starting to get their hackle/saddle feathers and are getting quite tall. My old hens are in some danger now from hormonal teen males so I'd love to find them homes soon. They are sweet and healthy.

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