Delaware Trio, P/U ONLY, in Otsego/Delaware Co. NY

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    I need to sell my 10-month old Delaware trio. The hens are very sweet and good tempered, lay nice brown eggs. (Blanche can pop out some pretty hefty ones. [​IMG]) Unfortunately the rooster is not good with kids anymore and can be rather aggressive (hence the reason I'm selling). It's quite a change from when he was little - he'd sit on my lap as much as possible. Maybe with a little extra attention he'd be nicer, I don't know. [​IMG] But I have been told he's breeding quality, so perhaps anyone with breeding goals rather than pet/small production flock would be interested.

    (They're all a little dirty now from mud and stuff, but from the third picture of Big Boy taken in October, they are white underneath! [​IMG])

    Big Boy





    We'd kinda like them (mainly the roo) gone as soon as possible.

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