Delaware x Buff Brahma Chick Hatched Today (Pic)


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This chick was almost crushed to death as it was zipping by its broody BR mama (first timers, sheesh) and I rescued it. She did the same thing with the next pure Delaware chick and it's in the house recovering, with its innards superglued back inside. Bad Dottie!!! She had completely squished out the yolk sac on the Brahma baby and we at first thought the intestines with it, but fortunately, it was only some goopy membrane. We detached the yolk sac and brought it inside and it looks as if it's going to live.

Sired by my Delaware rooster, Isaac, it's mother is my 5 1/2 yr old Buff Brahma, Caroline. It has what appears to be a pea comb, however, no feathers on the legs at all. Caroline is a hatchery Brahma and doesn't have a lot herself, though. Will it look like a pea combed Delaware with some rust color leaking through or what?

The DelaBrahma:

The laid-back Daddy with my DH; excuse his ratty hackles-he has one hen who plucks them constantly, poor guy:

Mama Caroline--haven't had a chick of hers since her daughter, Glenda, years ago out of my Blue Orp:

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Looks almost exactly like my buff brahma chick I hatched today. Strange......
Interesting, indeed. I recall Caroline being much darker than this as a chick.

Guess my little DelaBrahma needs a home since the other chick didn't make it after first-time mama injured it too badly. I really don't want a single chick to raise in the house and I have other broodies, but they have just started sitting (like yesterday) and won't accept it. We already tried. Shame, too, since I'd love to have a son or daughter out of Caroline again.

A local BYC member just hatched chicks from me and I emailed him to see if he wants to put this one in with his new crew, which should have just hatched a day or two ago.
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There is zero chance mine is light. All my brahmas are buff and I have never had a light. Looks like I will have to wait until they are older to see what they will look like. Out of the 16 I have hatched this entire year I only got two recent ones that were real light.
I've had only three Brahmas, two Lt and Caroline, my Buff, so I haven't hatched any except some crosses out of Caroline from my Blue Orp years ago and this one now, from my Delaware. This one does resemble the two Lt. Brahma chicks more than it does Caroline as a chick, but as I said, I have only had three and they probably can vary a lot in color.

This little one isn't doing well. I don't think it will survive since it refuses to eat or drink and it has no yolk reserve since its mama smashed it so badly, the entire yolk sac was ejected. It probably has internal injuries, unfortunately.

I have another of Caroline's eggs under my broody Buff Orp, put there just this morning, a hen I can trust to be a good mother after five previous hatches, so we'll see what it comes out looking like in about three weeks, if it makes it all the way to hatch. Day 21 will be June 17.
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Yes, I sure will post pics of the new chick, if it makes it to hatch.

Below was a hen I used to have out of Caroline with my Blue Orp rooster. Her name was Glenda and she was an awesome broody, very sweet hen. Just found her in the floor dead one night just after everyone went to roost-heard a commotion and went to see what was wrong. We think it may have just been an accident. I haven't had a chick out of Caroline in years.

Glenda looked like a black Brahma, didn't she?


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