delaware x speckled sussex = ? ? ?

math ace

10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
What would happen if I crossed a delaware hen with very little markings to a speckled sussex roo ? ?

Would I get a sex link - - - like a comet?
Would the hens lay big eggs like a delaware or smaller eggs like a speckled sussex ?
Sussex lay small eggs? I thought they laid large eggs. . .

Yes, you'd get sex-links, in fact you'd get both "black" and "red" type sex-links, whereas the females will be a normal brown columbian type coloration, but the males will be a golden cuckoo coloration. So the females will look like red sex-links, however the males will look like black sex links.
YES speckled sussex lay a smaller egg - - - like a medium size egg. It is the only down side to the super friendly breed.

Thank you Illia. Since the delawares are crazy friendly and the speckled sussex are crazy friendly - -- perhaps the sex link pullets would be crazy friendly too. . . .
The males will look like Red Sexlink males, not Black Sexlinks, that will look basically like Delawares with the extra gold and autosomal red coming through. The "Black sexlink" is in the barring of the tails of the males and the hens not having any barring.

There are pics of this cross somewhere on here.

And since Dominant White is not involved in the cross math ace, they wont look like Golden Commets, but will have regular black tails and will look like Production reds and may even show some mottling while they are young as split mottled birds typically do.

And yes, Speckled Sussex lay a smaller sized egg than you would think they would.

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