Delawares @ 21 Weeks Old...Jake, Kira and Cassidy(UPDATE)

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  1. speckledhen

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    These are not the best pictures, partly because Kira is the biggest camera hound and has to run over to investigate that gray box in my hand, but they were in their new run today. They've been moved from the little Firetower coop (27 sf) into the opposite leg of the L-shaped storage shed that houses Suede's coop, Zane's dog kennel and the broody pen and now have about 51 sf. They were inside for a couple of days, but now the gate is finished. We borrowed a ramp from the Firetower coop, but it's a tad steep in this application so we may build another one for them soon. The two Blue Orpington pullets are still in with the Delawares, but will be with Suede tomorrow and Jake will get two new ladies, the Welsummer girls. Kira is the close up-her comb is really big and red now, so I think maybe I'll have eggs soon.
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  2. hcammack

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    Oct 5, 2007
    They are wonderful I love them!
  3. Buster

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    Love them! Wishing you the best with them Cyn. They are just great!
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    ENVY! Man spring is soooo far away.... sigh.

  5. NateDomRIR

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    WOW,...that is one beautiful roo you have there. I hope to get a nice one with coloring like that out of my trio. I start incubating my Dels next week. I'm glad to hear everything is going well. Keep us posted
  6. speckledhen

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    Jake was culled a few weeks ago. I had decided not to keep him due to his comb flaw and then, when he began to develop an attitude, he became stew. My smaller pullet, Cassidy, died suddenly from what we found was a heart defect so I only have Kira now and 16 Delaware eggs in the bator due in three days or so. Here is Miss Kira now at, I believe, about 34 wks old:
  7. sara

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    Cynthia~ She is pretty, hope you get lots of babies so she eventually has some company of her own kind. [​IMG]

  8. speckledhen

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    Thank you, Sara. I am holding out for a shining example of the breed for my rooster and with these eggs, I have a feeling he's in that bator, along with some wonderful ladies. There are two sires of the chicks I'm hatching, not related to Kira, and they are spectacular, IMO. I have high hopes for these. Kira is a joy.
    Jake was a beauty except for his comb and at the end, his attitude. Just the way it goes with some roosters, I guess.
  9. sara

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    How many eggs are you hatching? It's an exciting project since I don't see many people talking about Delawares [​IMG]

  10. Buster

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    Quote:I'm working on getting some Delawares this year. [​IMG]

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