Delawares @ 30 Wks (Pics of Isaac & His Ladies)

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  1. speckledhen

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    They are almost 30 weeks old now. Ike never holds still long enough for me to get a completely un-blurred picture! They are very active birds and forage relentlessly when they range, which is probably why, when I cannot let them out of their pen for a few days, the girls pick at Isaac wattles and comb, poor guy. And it's been raining for days, so they are a bit dingy at the moment, especially Kira, my older hen.

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    I can not wait till mine grow up!! I am very excited.I have to post a picture of Ike and the girls new babies I hatched from the eggs I got from you.I know it is very early but what would I need to look for to try to tell the sex? Any secrets to delewares?

    There are 7 in there some where

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  3. HorseFeatherz NV

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    He is a handsome man.
  4. speckledhen

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    James, about four weeks old, you'll start seeing the differences between the boys and girls. The males have more shoulder/back markings (smut). Most pullets do not have that. That smut will eventually clear out. Delawares evolve over time with their markings, so what you see at six weeks will be nothing like you see at sixteen weeks.
  5. speckledhen

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    This is a male chick. See the back markings?


    Notice the two chicks leaning over. The right side is male and the one on the left is female.

  6. Wow, Isaac is very handsome! [​IMG]
    Thanks, Cyn!

    Val [​IMG]
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    Beautiful for sure.I did notice that you have one lady nearly solid white with just some barring on her of our pullets is marked just like it not a black feather anywhere on her-rest are more colorful.Yours have a lot less TN red on them than mine do right now..that 4" of rain in one day would have been much nicer spread out over the month [​IMG]

  8. speckledhen

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    Yes, I do have one girl who is lightly marked in hackle and tail. She has one of the best combs of the bunch, though. It's quite a balancing act, trying to get the males and females right at the same time with this breed. All in all, this is a good foundation flock.
    I have one pullet who is 9 weeks old, the first chick from Isaac with my year old hen as the mother. Will be interesting to see how she comes out. I can tell she will be fairly lightly marked in the hackles; not sure about the tail black yet or anything else, being as she's so young. I recall, one of my best girls, Phoebe, had some barring in the tail as a youngster, and now, she has nice tail black. Gracie, the young pullet chick, is also starting with some tail barring, but it's way too soon to tell what she'll become. They are a fun breed, the way the markings evolve! So much different than say, a Buff Orp, who is one color in both male and female. This breed, the male has barring in the tail, but the female has black feathers lined in white--you can imagine how hard that would be to get right in both sexes at the same time! It's challenging, even starting with great parent stock.
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    WOW speckledhen, I didn't know Delawares were so beautiful. [​IMG] I wish I had the room for some. Are they still on the endangered list?
  10. speckledhen

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    Yes, they are still on the endangered list. There are actually two lists, and one leaves them off, simply because they are a later breed, created in the 40's, but yes, they are very rare, the ones of this type.

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