Delawegger-Please Take Sweet Ranger Home! 9 wks~FREE!~ P.U. N. GA Mtns

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    Ranger is odd man out so we sadly must rehome this cutie-roo ASAP-becoming way too fond of him. He's a friendly sort of guy, heavily leaning toward the Delaware personality, so should make a wonderful rooster for your girls.

    Ranger is from my Delaware rooster, Isaac, over my EE hen, June. He is pea combed so probably carries the blue egg gene; he has a tiny hint of a beard and muffs. He would be either a unique EE rooster for your girls or great for creating a pea combed Delaware since he has nice yellow legs as you can see in the second photo.

    Tail feathers are mostly solid black, with a few barred ones and we just found he has one single red feather in his tail and is beginning to get a red feather or two in the wing bows.

    Ranger has been well educated by his broody mama in foraging and predator avoidance, but she's done with him now. He was hatched May 13 and lives in the bantam coop with the older hens and the D'Anvers (and the D'Anver males are kicking his butt, poor baby) so would like to find him a home ASAP. It would be nice if you could show me pics of the coop/pen where he will be living. [​IMG]

    Pickup only at our home in Fannin County, GA, near the juncture of GA/NC/TN. Will not ship, way too hot.



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