Delicate situation here! Abandoned VIABLE 23 day egg, No incubator

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    My first hen hatched 4/5 of her first clutch this week. She stopped sitting on #5 yesterday.
    The temp are 50-60's here so My concern for little misfit egg is grand.
    Iv candled,still an air sack but he respond to little pecks, Iv float tested,Hes a "low floater", Viable and fully developed. I dont have a heat lamp or incubator what I do have is a heating pad and plenty of spare time! If anyone would be willing to help me save little misfit PLEASE chime in. All suggestions welcome and very much appreciated!

    Extra Info: I tried putting it back under moma she sat for a bit then moved away from it and never came back.

    Iv been misting it every so often for the humidity issue..Not sure bout this but its the best I could come up with.

  2. Well you answered your own question with the heating pad
    just put a cloth over it and wrap it up or you can put it under
    your shirt for a day or so but do not cook it by letting it get
    to hot 92 F is about as low as you want to go ........
    [​IMG] Good luck with the hatch and congratulations with
    the hatch you had ,,,Happy Holidays ........

    gander007 [​IMG]

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