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    I wanted to post an update since it has been around 6 months since I had the worst summer ever due unfortunately being acquainted with MG. I know that this is a controversial topic since many people believe having a closed MG flock is unacceptable and irresponsible, however, I chose not to cull my birds and to take some advice from a few people on BYC. Fortunately I have some good news and possibly hope for those affected with this terrible disease, especially those who have so many dear pets they love.

    For 6 months I have been using a 1% solution of Denagard added to the drinking water for 2 days, every 4 weeks. And I haven't had a single gurgle, cough or suspicious mucous sneeze (although I still wait in horrible anticipation just to make sure, almost every night). Denegard did nothing to treat sick birds at the time. As soon as a bird showed symptoms this summer I would isolate immediately and inject Tylan 200 given at 0.2 ml subcutaneous near fold of wing or leg and breast(standard sized hen) 2x a day for 1 or 2 days seemed to knockout symptoms. However once I started monthly Denagard I haven't had a thing. I DO live in southern Canada so winter is probably to my advantage with this but I have hope this can continue and work for those affected.

    Just wanted to share an update and provide some direction for those who have had the misfortune of dealing with MG as well.
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    What did you use to measure your Denagard? How much did you use per gallon of water just wondering?
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    i have the 12.5% liquid Denagard and I put around 20 mL in my 20 L wateree based on the recommended preventative dosages. So its not really 1% medicated concentration...its just a 1% solution using the 12.5% liquid. If that makes any sense.
    I just use a teaspoon or tablespoon and mix it well into my waterer which lasts 2 days max
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    Thanks for sharing, I am dealing with MG right now.
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    I just bought my first bottle of Denagard and plan to mix up a batch tomorrow.What is the longest a batch can be used or should it be made fresh daily?

    Pretty sure I have mycoplasma again. Last summer I had 6 chicks hatch out of 100 eggs.
    I had two hens that had a brown area show up on their white neck feathers a couple inches under an eye. That tells me there is tearing going on.Havent seen the bubbles this time.

    I hope that my roosters and hens have not become sterile because of the mg.

    Every winter for the past 5 years I have had one or two hens die in the winter because they would become sick and act like they had a cold.This winter I have been lucky. Did not loose any. Have periodically put acv and/or garlic in their water.
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    I think they recommend a new batch mixed every day. I mix a batch of 20 L for 50 chickens and they use it up in 2 days or maybe 1.5. I wouldn't go more than a new batch every other day though that's for sure but to be safe every day is probably better. Also don't leave the bottle out in the unheated coop, it's supposed to not freeze. I just keep it in my basement.
    for me I notice the thick mucous upon sneezing first, then the wheezing rattle breathing, then in some but not all, swelling and foaming/bubbling of the eyes. At that point it seems like once the eye has swollen it's a much tougher go at treatment....usually requiring at least 5 to 8 days of Tylan injections 2x times a day. If you catch it at the just starting to wheeze for a day or so stage only 2 days of tylan injections before they can recover on their own. I never had luck with Denagard helping sick chickens unfortunately, only as a really amazing preventative which hopefully is all you need. I do find that every 4 weeks is important and try not to go over 5 weeks at all between doses.
    I definitely had fertility problems last summer as well! 3 proven hens went broody on clutches and 0 success. Now though I look at the yolk a few times a week and notice 90% of them have been fertilized. The eggs are not watery and pale anymore either. They went back to completely normal and my huge drop in egg production from MG is back to normal finally.
    Definitely try it and I hope it makes a difference for you
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    Thanks Woobsie...

    ok one more time...You mix the denagard in a gallon of water.

    How much denagard? a tsp or a tablespoon?

    water the chickens for 2 days in a row with the denagard...and then plain water

    repeat every 4 weeks.

    Do you put any juice in it or do your chickens drink it fine?
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    If your waterer holds 20 litres use 20 milliliters (4 tsps) of the liquid 12.5% Denagard. If its 30 L use 30 mL of Denagard (6 tsp or 2 tbsp). 1 tsp is 5 mL and 1 tbsp is 15 mL (sorry I am Canadian!). Then give that to them as the only source to drink from for 2 days. At this dosage they should have no problems drinking it at all (I believe people were dosing at too high a concentration which is why they wouldn't drink). I just put it in my calendar every 4 weeks to give it to them. Like every 4th Saturday and Sunday is Denagard day.
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    And I am not sure what a gallon is precisely...we measure in litres here. I think 3.54 L to a gallon or something except imperial gallon is different from the US gallon. 1 L is 1000 mL
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    It's been 9 months now and still not a single outbreak. Fingers triple crossed they fare well going into the warmer weather here soon....that will be the true test. My son is due in 6 weeks so I hope the chickens stay symptom free! I will have my hands full already!
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