Dentist woes and whining

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    So less than two years ago I went to a new dentist. My job and dental insurance changed so I had to go to this guy. Truthfully, it had been a year or two since I had been to the dentist at that point, but I have never had trouble with my teeth before. I really went to see him because I desperately wanted my teeth cleaned. So dentist declares that I need all sorts of work done on my teeth, including a filling on a back molar and a crown on another tooth. I felt weird about him from the beginning, but thought the work probably needed to be done. Long story short, he completely screwed the crown up and had to redo it a couple of times (meaning that I had to take extra time off work). The filling I thought was pretty straight forward. Wouldn't you think that is the first thing that dentists learn how to do? I paid the guy a ton of money out of pocket and got out of dodge. Since then the side with the filling has been super sensitive (something it wasn't before he worked on it). After such a rotten experience, I didn't go back to him. He was the only one my insurance dealt with locally and so I was a bad grown up once again and didn't go any dentist.

    A month ago the filling he put in less than two years ago started crumbling. I do all the paperwork to find a new dentist and go see the new guy, thinking that it will be a matter of having the filling redone (which I am pretty cranky about as I paid hundreds of dollars two years ago to have the filling done in the first place!). New dentist takes lots of xrays and pictures and comes in with the bad news. The old filling had disintegrated due to continued decay underneath it. The tooth has now decayed almost to the nerve and I need a root canal. In addition, it is likely that I will need to go to the periodontist to have surgery so the bone can be ground down enough for the now required crown to have something to adhere to. [​IMG] So because the old dentist was a quack and idiot, I have to shell out thousands of dollars to fix the problem, a problem he should have fixed two years ago.

    The new dentist referred me to a guy who did the root canal and another guy who will do the periodontal work, so I know he didn't recommend it to line his own pockets. He was very good and very clear when he went though all the pictures with me. I really like the new dentist. I am mad as heck at the old dentist and want my money back!!!

    Last Friday morning I went to have the root canal. The appointment started at 10am and the receptionist said it would take about 2 hours. I was there four hours. The poor guy drilled for three hours straight. He later said that if he kept a scrapbook of really hard teeth, my tooth would be on the cover. It was the hardest root canal he has ever done. Apparently my roots are long and curved like a banana. Of course. No reason for us to think this would be easy. The root canal guy was great and even called me later to make sure I was okay. He prescribed lots of ibuprofen since my mouth was wide open for three hours. Ouch.

    All of this because the first yahoo did a crappy job. Is there a board to report him to? Doctors can get hit with malpractice. What do dentists get hit with?
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    Ouch! I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. Dental work is costly and painful.

    I am blessed that in my 40 years, I have only had one tooth pulled (age 12), 3 cavities (age 20 and I still have the fillings 20 years later) and am in the process of getting a crown right now.

    In am sure that there is a dental association in each state that would handle a complaint like this. Maybe a google search?

    Good luck!
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    Yahoo dentist wanted me to take out my childhood fillings (still going strong) and replace them with the new porcelain fillings. I'm pretty okay with all the old ones, thank you very much.

    I had a few fillings as a child, but was fine until I started this Crohn's medicine. Somehow it makes my teeth worse. [​IMG]

    My mouth didn't really hurt until today. It was numb until bedtime on Friday and I was really faithful with the ibuprofen yesterday. I've slacked off today. I guess I'm paying for it now. [​IMG]
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    Sorry about your teeth. Mine suck too. Have a few grow in without full enamel, and one in the front grow out WITH a hole to the dentin. I have about as many fillings as I am years old, and as many teeth worked on as years I've had adult teeth.
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    Yep....take the Ibu!

    My temo crown was in for over a week before I went without the Ibuprofen. I go Tuesday to have the 'real' one put on. I'm starting to wonder how they get the temp one off...but if I think about it, I will need a valium so back to my rose colored world til

    Go take ya some Ibuprofen! [​IMG]
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    I'm trying to hold out until DBF or I are eligible for dental insurance before I visit the dentist again. So far, no cavities and have only had the wisdom teeth pulled. Thanks to a wreck when I was younger (huge bike wreck) my front two teeth are "fake". Trying to be very careful with them, just in case.

    I know Mahonri is a dentist...he may be able to refer you to someone straight up. I thought there was a dental board or something that you could report to. Did you keep receipts/documents/X-rays from his practice? I'd be SURE to ask for previous Xrays and such BEFORE reporting him, just so you have something and if he claims to not have had you as a patient...well, you've got your own set of records.
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    A lot of old fillings are poiseness so its not a bad idea to replace them if you have the old silver looking ones.

    I fixed my several thousand dollar a year dental bills.... Had them all yanked last year...

    Wish I had did it when I was 20.

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