Deployment... brother-in-law leaves today

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    My little sisters hubby is being deployed today. kinda an emotional day. while i am greatful for his service to our country, i worry about his well being.. i worry about my little sister, her and Thomas have a little girl thats a year old and a little boy who is schedualed to be born in december. its so hard for me to say good bye to him. i cant imagine how hard it is for her!! he is supposed to be gone for 18 months!

    in a way i know how hard it will be. my husband isnt in the army, but he is a long haul truck driver and is gone for 12 weeks at a time. and i have 2 daughters that im raising on my own, even though my hubby comes home. i cant imagine him being gone for 18 months..

    please keep them in your prayers.. they sure need it!
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    Your brother-in-law is doing a wonderful thing, and while that does not make his leaving any easier, I want you to know how thankful I am for him and his fellow men and women of the services that risk their lives each and every day, doing what they do so we can do what we do. A simple thank you, for both the individual and his/her family, will never be enough to compensate for the gift these people provide us. [​IMG]

    Why thank a veteran on Veteran's day? We should thank them every day.
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    God bless your BIL, your sister, and their young family.
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    They are so brave - those that deploy and those they leave who love and pray for safety and return. You have the words and wisdom to help your sister. Deployments of units where families are scattered all over the state or cournty is hardest - the families miss out on the typical support group that forms at a base. But, a group of wives giving one another support is powerful help even if it's email based. We owe these men and women and their families so much. I actually hate that expression "thank you for your service". The service is easy ... it's when real sacrifice - risk of life, death, wounding and illness smacks you in the face that service turns to sacrifice. But, "thank you for your service" gets the job done. May God bless them ..
  5. Deployment is definitely hardest on the ones left at home. Praying for a safe deployment for him. My daughter returned from Iraq in April...I DO know your pain...but it will go quickly and he will be back before you know it.

    Give her our "chicken love"... [​IMG]
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    One of my daughters is in the army and currently serving in Afganistan. She has been there since May and wont return til June 2011. I told her to join the navy before she enlisted...but she enlisted in the army and now wishes she had taken my advice. I'm retired from the navy myself serving during Vietnam, Libya and the first Gulf war. My dad served in the navy during World War 2 in the pacific, Korea and Vietnam wars. My brother, some cousins and uncles all have served at one time or another in the military. I dont know who it's toughest on...the spouse, children or the military member. It was certainly tough for me to deploy aboard ship each time during those 22 years and I know what it was like for my wife and kids.
    My daughter just received a week ago a big box of goodies from me packed full with magazines, newspapers all kinds of cookies, crackers,slim jims, candy ad infinitum (yes, a BIG box.) She said all those goodies will last her for a year lol. Funny thing, my brother and one of my other daughters sent her boxes of goodies as well and she received them all at the same time lol. She is going to share the goodies with her fellow soldiers. She will be getting out of the army upon her return next year...I'm glad. Edited: I wish your sisters husband the best. Sorry for being selfish.
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    [​IMG] many hugs
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    My friends only son who is in the Marines left for Afghanistan last month...not a day goes by that I don't think of them both and wonder how she manages to deal with it....I sure wish we could fight wars like we used to, get in do the job and get involvement from the media and the PC patrol...

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