Depluming Mites - How Much Ivermectin?? Pour-On Ok??

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    I think my flock (5 Silkies) has been dealing with depluming mites. I originally thought it was favus and have been treating them with Lotrimin (2 weeks) and then Miconazole (1 week). After doing more reading on their symptoms, I'm now thinking it may be depluming mites.

    From what I've read, Ivermectin can be used to treat depluming mites. I see that people recommend the injectible Ivermectin for these types of mites. I have the pour-on Ivermectin. I'm wondering if it is best to use the injectible version vs. the pour-on, or if the pour-on would work just fine. And if I use the pour-on, what would be the dosage recommended, say for a 3 lb. chicken?

    Here's a picture that was taken about 3 weeks ago of hen that has the worst case --- she's gotten worse and is pretty much bald down her neck now.

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    Sorry you are having troubles. I see a lot of threads that have say to use Ivermectin. I pulled a couple. Others suggest a dip, or another product I have provided those links as well.
    After you treat them with whatever you choose I would put some coconut oil on the exposed parts, that will help disolve some of the buildup and give a smothering effect to nits. You may have to do several treatments.
    If you haven't done so, change all your bedding, clean/dust the coop and treat the coop as well.
    Hope that helps.

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