Depressed Chicken (recovering prolaped oviduct)


7 Years
May 22, 2012
We have a 1-2 year old chicken who had a prolapsed oviduct over a month ago. We read about it online and I think we caught it early. We set up a cage inside, gave her a warm bath, put hemorrhoid cream and honey on her cloaca and it went back in within 36 hours of us discovering it. We limited her light exposure to 4-6 hours for 10 days and let her out to visit with our other chicken for the 4-6 hours that she was "awake." Other than that first day when we saw the prolapse, she was in high spirits and enjoyed her time outside with no problems or energy level issues. We continued to put honey on her cloaca for 3-4 days after the oviduct went back in as there was a slight redness around one section of her cloaca. After that, her cloaca looked fine and she acted healthy. We supplemented her diet with milk and calcium in her water. On the last day when we were going to put her outside again, there was this really odd looking, pink, fleshy mass in her coop. It was 2" long and 3/4" wide and when I took it apart it was fiberous inside (and really, really gross). We have no clue what that was, but kid that she pooped out her uterus.

Since we put her back in the coop with our other chicken she has seemed fine and her energy level was fine for the first few weeks. We have been supplementing her water with calcium on and off since then. I do not think she has laid an egg. For the past week and a half her energy level has gone down. First, she was not foraging as much or as excitedly as the other chicken, but now she is not really eating, wanting to come out of the coop or really caring about anything. This has been going on for the last 3-4 days. We have tried feeling around for a egg that is egg bound, but cannot really tell much of a difference btwn the 2 hen abdomens. Hers could be slightly denser and maybe slightly warmer, but its hard to tell if there is really much difference btwn them.

We do not have a rooster and she has not really had any interest in the nesting box. She went in maybe twice a couple of weeks ago, but I have not seen her in there since. She seems to poop ok, though last time we saw it was liquidy.

We are not sure if she might have an infection or something. There are not really vets around who know about chickens, so I'd like to not take her to someone who knows less than me. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!
The fleshy mass in her coop was April 19th, (prolapse was on 4/7). Her back end looks fine.

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