depressed turkey?


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Sep 5, 2013
I have a pet turkey and she is very people friendly and loves hugs and attention. She is about 4 to 6 months old. We got her with a chicken that she was bonded to but we lost her and many other chicks to a fisher cat over the summer. I thought she wouldve acted sad then bit she seemed fine. Until a week or so she started acting differently. I thought it was just because she missed my boyfriend who started working a lot more and wasn't there during chore time but he had last week off he spent a lot of time with her and that didn't seem to perk her up. She doesn't stand as tall in the pen and doesn't run around as much and just seems really frumpy. Could she be sick? She doesn't have fluid coming out of her nose and her eyes are clear and her skin is still pink. She eats fine haven't been paying attention to her bowl movements. I just don't like seeing her not like herself. Any help would be great thanks


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I honestly don't know... maybe she's just lonely? I think you should ask in the Turkey section as well:

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I think she misses bird companionship - the turkey section is probably the best place to ask how to introduce a new bird(s) without bloodshed & what age it should be

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