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    I am 19 and I live with my parents and my mom just recently went to rehab for alcohol. I knew she drank but I did not know how much until my father pulled at least 20 huge bottles of tequila out of her bathroom. She went to the hospital the day before she went to rehab because she was drinking while taking her medication and became delirious. She was laying on the floor and the medic had to help her walk out to the living room and lay down on the gurney and she was laughing the whole time. I was shocked. so for the last 3 weeks I have been playing mom, cleaning, cooking, washing, buying and picking up my brother from school and on top of that going to college. My father started talking about how we have no money left. I have tried to find a job, but I cannot find one. I have been trying for at least 6 months. I am afraid I cannot continue college and will have nothing to do with myself. I have not been taking fabulous care of my chickens lately. Their coop is full of poo and to top that off they are getting to big for the coop. I am afraid I will have to find a home for all of them since I cannot take care of them and I cannot live in my parents house forever. I am soooo sad. I love them like they are my babies... My mom is coming home tomorrow from rehab. I think she will just go back into her drunken stupor again and my dad will leave her. I am so worried right now. I can't believe mom was so selfish to waste herself away like this and did not think of the consequences. She would even complain about her back hurting at night so she could have an excuse to go back into her room and drink. I am disappointed in her.
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    Oh sweetie! Call the rehab and ask about what they offer for family members! Any reputable program should offer something.

    Check your phone book and get thee to an Al-Anon meeting as soon as you can. Tell your Dad how you feel! Your mother is sick with a disease that will eat up the people around her. It does not matter if she gets better or not - what matters now is that YOU need help. If you are in college DO NOT let this derail you! Tell the college what is going on. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. The college has counselors and I would bet any money that their is an Al-Anon group on campus.

    You are not alone!!!!!!! Reach out.

    Been there, done that, got the emotional scars! Look up any books by Claudia Black! PM me if you want to talk.
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    Yes, tell the college. Colleges offer free counseling to students, and they'll be able to hook you up with services that can help you. Don't let your dreams slip away.
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    So sorry to hear of the tough time you are having. Please keep in mind that alcoholism is a disease, not a choice. I know it feels right now like she was just being selfish but addiction is not something anyone would choose. You are right to be concerned that she will return to drinking - this is something that will tempt her for the rest of her life - but in order to stay clean, she will need the love and support of all of her family members. I would suggest that you find your local AA and offer to attend meetings with her. If she won't go, see if you can find an Al-Anon group that you can join by yourself. Al-Anon is for non-addict family members of addicts. They can offer you support and advice for how to live with an addict.

    As far as your chickens, it would be sad to have to give them up. I wasn't sure about the problem with the coop being full of poo - can you not just clean it out? As far as feeding them, you might check with the Produce Manager at your local grocery store and see if they will let you have veggie scraps that they would otherwise throw away. Heck, the Meat Dept might even have a few meat scraps that would be suitable too. Also check the bakery and see if they have any bread products that would be good to supplement. If you are able to supplement with freebies to get your feed bill low, perhaps you can scrape by and keep them? If the coop is getting too small, check out Freecycle or Craigslist for a larger one, and then you could sell your small one so the net $ amount is not that different. Just a thought....

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