Designing Beautiful and Handy Chicken Pens and Coops

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    I’ve been around chickens at least 95% of my life, and I can tell you poorly designed chicken coops can lead to several problems. They may be a sore sight to the eyes. They may have a hidden entrance for cats and weasels to sneak through. The chicken coop may also be rotting away, or the birds may be getting frostbite during the winter. The most dangerous problem a chicken coop can have is a grotesque build up of bird droppings. Not only does this make the chicken coop smell terrible, but breathing in dust from chicken's feces can lead to some serious health problems.

    The first half of this guide will cover each of the five major coop design problems with an optimistic outlook in fixing them. Not every chicken coop and pen can be rescued, but at least this guide will give you the information to prevent these problems from rising again. The second half will concentrate more on the little things, and being creative with items you might already have.

    Five Major Coop Design Problems the full guide here

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