DESPERATE for advice: 4 year old Golden Comet - Not eating or drinking, comb darkening, dark green/yellow foamy diarrhea, lies in one place.


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May 26, 2020
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My 3-4 year old Golden Comet, Lucy, was a faithful layer but hasn't laid in a few weeks. 2 weeks ago, we had a short bout with vent fleet but it cleared up. About a week ago, she pulled lots of feathers out while still acting normal otherwise.

3 days ago, when I went out to the coop, she wouldn't come out and acted very week and lethargic with almost pure water diarrhea. I moved her into quarantine that evening. She didn't eat anything but drank when I coaxed her into it.
Quarantine Day 1: Her crop did feel squishy and she had a bit of an odor so I thought it could be sour crop, even though her condition seemed extreme for it to be just that. I started treatment for sour crop with the micanozole method. Drinking a little but no food consumption.

Quarantine Day 2: Her crop went down considerably in size and was less squishy. She wasn't interested in food at all or drinking much, but still got some water down when I splashed in a bowl of water. Although no blood in her stool, I also started treating for coccidiosis with Corid (amprolium) due to very wet, warm, humid conditions to be safe, however none of the other chickens have it. The edges of her comb started to darken.

Today: Absolutely no interest in water or food so I've been getting the fluid into her with a syringe. She has developed watery diarrhea with some yellow foam and dark green material. Her comb is still dark near the edges.
I do have Amtyl (amoxicillin/tylosin) on hand if may be a bacterial infection as opposed to coccidiosis but am unsure if I should switch treatments? At this point she has only been on Amprolium for a little over 24 hours with little consumption of the medicated water.
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I'm very sorry about your sick chicken. It sounds like you're doing everything you can for her. I can't think of anything else that I would be doing, but maybe others will chime in to try something else. One thing I am thinking is that perhaps she has something very serious going on in her reproductive tract, such as ovarian cancer. Commercial egg layers are prone to this. I'll hope for the best for your sake though.

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