Desperately Animal Behavior Advice for Couple Caring for 9 year old German Shep. Dog Multiple Issues

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    Aug 31, 2010
    I need immediate advice for an elderly couple caring for a 9 year old German Shep. neutered dog. Several events have effected the dog and the loving and willing caregivers have sought the advice of several animal behaviorists without success. I was asked if I could possibly offer advice but this is way out of my zone of knowledge or experience. The course of events and history of dog are:

    * Rescued as adult est. Age 8..believed to have been caged most of his life
    * bonded well overcame anxiety and abuse issues, does well with other animals
    * owner lost job forced to work away from home dog displaced to New home in country with man's does well adjusting initially..bonds with other dog and caregivers
    * dog has accident while running in neighbors field...shocked by electric fence
    *afraid to go outside trembles cries terrified from incident forward
    *companion dog wanders aimlessly throughout house, whines quite often..appetite not changed..sleep not change
    *dog shows sign of agression toward stranger (New symptom) afraid he might overpower them while on leash.

    They are concerned and live in a rural isolated part.of Illinois. They have seen two animal behavior specialists...the dog shows no signs of improvement after a year..and thousands of dollars...

    I am at a loss on this one...Opie.ions would be greatly appreciated. Owners are willing to continue seeking help but need to try to understand the best course of treatment..asked about another dog for gets along very well with mini pig and rabbits

    Willing to take dog to obedience/

    Opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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