desperately seeking mottled d'uccles


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
my hubby just lost his 3 baby mottled d'uccles and i promised him i would find him some more.he was very attached to his please if you know where i can get a few please let me know...thanks.
i havent had much luck with mail order eggs.i will try again if i have to but would prefer live chicks.
Don't know how far you want to go, but if you don't mind a drive you might contact Bryan Massengale at Shady Oak Bantams out of GA. There are some bantam shows coming up, and he might send them to a show for pickup if he doesn't attend the show. I have done this with him in the past (picked up in Dalton, GA - - near Chattanooga). SQ birds.

Fantastic birds -

Good luck!
Im sorry for your hubbys loss. Id be devestated if I lost mine too. They have the BEST personality of any chicken I own!!!

I bought mine from CA

Here are the babies I hatched from her eggs.

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