Desperately Seeking Silkie Roo


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9 Years
Apr 27, 2010
Greenville/Eastern NC
My silkie rooster was killed Sunday night by a neighbors evil spawns of Satan (cats)
Have cat proofed my pen and looking to replace little Felix. His 2 ladies are miserable
without him and need a guy to protect them from the bigger peepers in my flock.
Would like to have one close to 6 mths or older, since the girls are 6 mths old.
Color does not matter, not looking for show quality, egg laying, breeding, or anything fancy like that.
My silkies are beloved pets, not livestock.

I live in Greenville NC and am willing to drive a couple of hours to pick up.
Also looking for a Buff Brahma, a Silver Laced Wyandotte, and a Salmon Favarolle. 6 months or older,
hens only.
You can contact me directly at [email protected]

Thanks a bunch!!
i have one i would give you but i am a little to far. Hopefully some byc peeps up in NC will chime in! best of luck............
Aw shoot!

I also have a very sweet white roo, hand raised. And he's missing his lady. And really looked after her, poor guy. But...again too far...sighs...sorry Iowa
Well, WonderWoman, if you're planning a trip to the mountains to do some "leaf looking" I've got a couple you can choose from. My parents live in Little Washington.....long,long time ago I worked at PCMH too.
Anyway, I'm about 8 hours from you
I'm not the one who lives too far away. I'ts ya'll! Iowa? I'm not even sure I know where Iowa is.
Wait a minute....that probably made me sound pretty dumb. Anyhoo, thanks ya'll for thinking of me and my fuzzies. They are still leaving a space for him between them at night when they nest. He was the in-between heater. They are sort of lost because he pretty much told them what to do, when to go to bed, and protected them from the laying hens.

Ya'll know how it is. You do your best to give your babies everything they need in life to make them happy. Including the feathered babies.

I think I might have found a lady who can sell me one in Richlands, which is an hour away.
Unfortunately, I don't think my husband will fall for the "Hey, I can get a new boy fuzzie in Bat Cave, lets run down there and pick him up!" Then again he has been wanting to go to the mtns. And we love the Bat Cave/Lake Lure/Black Mtn part of the smokies. That's where the REAL mnts are.

Oh, and my mom lives in Little Washington too. Blounts Creek, actually. Such a small world!

Thanks to all though. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And a little good news, Fuzz, my Buff Orpington, has started setting. So I might get some itty-bitties to love. And ya'll know, there is just nothing better than a nest full of tiny peepers. Makes losing Felix a little easier.
Thanks Guys!
I know someone in Rocky Mount VA that has silkie roos, is that too far?.......... I think her user name is farmin'chick
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I'm sure someone close has something for you, but you could always have one shipped. Hope you find one. I'm in Oklahoma, probably on the other side of the world, lol.
I probably have one available. I am located outside of Asheboro, not terribly too far from Raleigh via US 64.

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