Despurring my rooster-I DID IT!!!!!


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Shenandoah Valley
It was as easy as it looked on You-Tube! And the rooster wasn't bothered in the least. Now-how often do you do this?? Are the spurs actually softer after you do it? This roo is a gentle boy but those spurs were sharp and he has actually lacerated several of the hens, right under their wings on the tops of their backs. ADVICE PLEASE!!!
I didn't look up the You-Tube video, I just use the bench grinder in the shop. They don't seem real thrilled with the procedure. But hey, it works fine.
Congratulations on your success, now please give us the link for this helpful YouTube video. I watched someone de-spur a roo of mine ONCE, she used a cigarette lighter & a pair of pliers. I think I could do the same, but would like to watch another demo first.

Yes, they do grow back, because this same roo needs the treatment once again. More precisely, it's his hens who need for him to be de-spurred.

is exactly how I did it except I had someone else hold him (he is a gentle-sweet roo) and I took the pliers, gently squeezed and turned slightly and off it came. Just like in the video. It is humane and the rooster wasn't bothered in the least. Very minimal bleeding, just a drop or two. I was really scared I would hurt him, but it is just like a fingernail that comes off...totally cool!!
I guess it was a good idea...there was minimal blood loss, but I don't think anyone had done that to the old boy before. He looks like he chewed at them a bit this morning...hoping I did the right thing!

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