detached air cells will they still hatch

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by skillswife, Feb 4, 2012.

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    We got 2 dzn shipped eggs and they went in the bator. We are on day 4 and we candled. 7 were clear, but the ones showing great veining and beating hearts had what appears to be detached air cells, they don't seem to be totally detached but the air cells have more wiggly movement if you know what I mean. Detached air cells would be the only thing causing the air sac to be wiggly right? Do I have any hope of getting them to hatch? I have read for hatching to put them upright in egg cartons. Has anyone had luck with this? Thanks!

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    I've not yet encountered this problem, but always get my eggs shipped. If they ship in mild weather I let them rest pointy end down for at least 24 hours prior to setting. Last summer I had some shipped in 100+ degree heat so I put those straight in the incubator, but pointy end down. I hatched 8/14 on that hatch. 4 were clears and 2 were quitters.
    I'd say just stand em up in cartons and block under one side of the carton to turn. If it were me I'd keep that up till lockdown to try to isolate all the air at the top of the eggs.
    Maybe somebody with more experience will chime in for you. That's really why I posted to get you back on the top of the list.
    Good Luck!
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    I've had success with detached aircells by incubating them upright, not on their sides. I also don't turn the eggs for the first 2 days (instead of one) of the incubation. They might do better upright for the actual hatch too.
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    I've had this issue a couple of times. I have 7/10 Serama eggs going now and most of them had wiggly air sacs. They aren't wiggly anymore and I'm on day... 10 or so.

    If the egg is in the proper position the air sac goes back where it should. Then with the right humidity the egg white will start to recede and expand the air sac. The most important thing is that the air sac is where the chick needs it for hatching. So making sure the skinny end is down and the fat end of the egg is up, helps with this.

  5. skillswife

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    Thanks all, it appears a couple of them have stabilized. Here is hoping I get some to hatch!
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    Dec 10, 2011
    I get this all the time...I incubate in a regular egg turner after resting a full 24 hours normally if shipped...I candle also when they come in and check the air cells so I know what I am dealing with. For hatching we place in cardboard egg cartons the grey kind...I use the big ones and cut them in half I use the top if they are small eggs and for big eggs like Brahma...I use the bottom part...I am using the big cradboard ones that come in those big packs of eggs at the grocery store that hold 30 eggs or 5 dozen one gives more pieces...I have a big family so eating eggs isn't a problem. MY hatches are pretty good providing everything else is good too! This works GREAT! Good luck Oh yeah also Don't forget to cut the little bottoms out of each "holder" so the egg can breathe
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    Jul 12, 2018
    What should the humidity be in this case? I am having the same issue!

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