Detached air sacks/missing air sacks


Feb 22, 2018
So last month I put 18 eggs in the incubator, 12 pekins and 6 silkies. I ended up with only 2 pekin chicks. I got sent 12 more pekin eggs as replacements, 3 started developing and only 1 has not died yet. It's about day 16.

Today 6 more eggs came through the post from a different seller. I looked at the air sacks again and 3 aren't visible, 3 are smashed up and badly detached.

I don't believe that 3 different sellers have sent me old eggs, so I'm wondering if this has happened due to them freezing in the post. It's been quite cold here recently, sometimes dropping below freezing point. I'm in Scotland. I'm wondering if that would at least explain the missing air sacks.

Any information/tips would be great guys, I really don't wanna lose more babies.


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Could be anything, really.
Could be that they are so fresh, they are hard to see. Did you look all around the egg? I recently got some that the air cell was floating all over, and got wedged lower than normal. I had to maneuver the egg properly to get it back to the fat end. Also, I think some eggs are just more difficult to see into, at least for the first few days. JMHO.

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