Detached and damaged air cells

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    When I candled normal, intact, fresh eggs, I couldn't see the air cells. So I wondered how other folks knew when there were damaged ones.

    But I got some shipped eggs Friday, and they'd gotten badly tossed by the P.O., probably a sorting drum or something. 3 badly cracked, 2 were oozing, then when I was sealing the cracks with wax, and checking the other eggs again, I found another cracked one. When I candled them, I clearly saw little air cell sized bubbles in almost all of them. There were a few that looked like they had sort of splattered air cells, staying in one place, but spread out in odd shapes. I guess the membrane cam loose from the shells in places, but didn't break. I think the free-floating bubble probably means the membrane ruptured, probably flattened again the shell, and the air bubble is just floating around in the white.

    I still can't really see the air cells in normal eggs. I wonder why, it doesn't make sense to me.

    The seller is sending me replacements, at no charge, for which I am extremely grateful. I wasn't expecting that, it's a very kind and generous gesture.

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    It's amazing how some eggs can come perfect and others all messed up.

    My last shipment from Texas didn't do well. Only 10 of 18 developed on day 8. I know it wasn't the sellers fault, she has been the best and I would highly recommend her for anything she sells.

    My shipment from South Carolina did great 14 of 14 eggs developed on day 8.
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    Air cells are fresh eggs are almost impossible to see. The space gets bigger as the egg gets older due to evaporation. The only thing you can do is set the eggs and see what develops. Damaged air cells can hatch but when your see the little bubbles that is a sure sign of a scrambled eggs. I have had many hatch with air cells that extend down the side of the egg.
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