Detatched aircells in shipped eggs- Any Hope?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by suzettex5, Sep 21, 2010.

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    May 26, 2009
    I set shipped eggs about 4 days ago, and candled them tonight. Every single one had an aircell that either sloshed a bit to the side, or completely floated to the other end of the egg. I did see some development in about 5 of them, despite the detatched aircells.

    I must say that the shipper went above and beyond in the packaging, and it is 100% the PO that did the damage, no doubt. I know shipped eggs are a gamble, and I already knew the PO is rough round here, but gawsh, ALL the eggs??? The box wasnt even really damaged, just a bit of the corner was smushed a tiny bit. The eggs themselves showed ZERO damage- not even a hairline crack.

    Anyways... Is there any hope for eggs like this? I am not picking them up or candling again to prevent me screwing them up any worse (and on the off hope the aircells will re-attach). I'm worried about exploders since I dont want to mess with them, but I want to give them every chance to develop. Should I toss the obvious clears and really sloshy aircell eggs? How long can I safely wait to dispose of the undeveloped eggs?

    PS- Anyone have any advice on how to candle REALLY dark eggs? I have dark eggs in there as well, same shipment.
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    thats a good question. id like to know the answer too.
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    I would try them. I have had most of them not develop, but I have one Wyandotte out here that hatched from one that was broken. Sometimes they do make it, sometimes they don't. It is worth a try.
    Good luck.
    FYI Polish are really bad at traveling through the mail. I had almost every one out a of a dozen that was broken air cell and did NOT develop.
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    Sometimes it's not entirely the post office's fault, though since your box was damaged as well, I'd say they didn't help any. If the eggs are a bit on the older side when shipped, this will cause the air cells to be bigger. Obviously a bigger air cell is better able to move around, or at least better able to cause damage. I've had some that were like that hatch, then I've had some like that that didn't, it's kind of a luck of the draw. Are they in a turner or carton? You can candle them still, just shine the light through the top (big end) and the egg will 'light up'. Don't toss anything until at least day 10, and then only if you are certain that you know what you're seeing. As for candling dark eggs...get a better light [​IMG]

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