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Nov 5, 2012
I've got 3 hens (waiting on the others) set up in a smaller size coup and run. 2 of the hens easily free range, but the largest and most mature hen loves to hope the fence. It's 4ft post w/ no climb. She was use to roosting in trees in her previous home. I clipped the wing of her but she is still easily flying well above my head and for what would consider a good distance. While I've 2 empty fields to one side and behind me, the corner lot has another flock (who do not escape), a road in front and other side, and across the street are neighbors. We are also in a high predator area so I am very worried about her little adventures. I would however like to get them out of the run and coup asap.

I've provided them with rich pasture, hidden treats, dried meal worms, and plenty of things to explore on-property. My other 2 hens are rather content pecking around the farm. Will this older hen teach them to fly the coop? (she doesn't return at night). Will a rooster help keep her close to home? (I am allowed to have them) Are my considers even justified?

-Excuse the English, I speak German-
Do you have a way to confine her for a few days? They're strong creatures of habit and if she can get used to sleeping at home, that may help. The other birds might well start following her. I'm really not sure if a rooster would help, sorry.
While she did bring the others to pop over the fence, I did get the rooster and he's done a good job at keeping them all close to home. I was confining her but she still fled the yard willingly once let out. While I really was skeptical (because I've never had a 'good' rooster) this rooster is amazing and has broken down my stigma against them. I she was an odd case of sorts, since all my other hens have always done well roo-free and didn't feel the need to yard hop.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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