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    Hello everyone.

    I have a question that I am hoping that someone can answer.

    Do I need to deworm my ducks? I have 3 mallard ducks that are 8 months old, and 1 of the females always acts like she is starving. She is constantly looking for food in the dirt. I have the pellet / cracked corn that she has access to 24/7.

    Yesterday, I witnessed her thowing up. When I looked at what she had thown up, it was mostly cracked corn and grit from the dirt. If this is not a sign that she might need dewormed, could she le lacking something in her diet, to make her constantly want to eat? Is it normal for ducks to thow-up? I read that if you hold your duck too hard, or if they are scared, they can throw up, but this was not the case. This is the 2nd time that I have seen her actually throw-up, she gets this strange lokk on her face, then it just shoots out of her mouth.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Ducks do not need routine deworming.
    What you describe is not normal, although I have no idea if this means she has worms.
    I would recommend putting a post about this in the injuries and illness forum.
    Please keep us updated about your hens condition.
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    We have never wormed a duck. They are so hardy I can hardly imagine them getting worms, but I suppose that they could. I have a drake who often picks up shell corn so fast that it gets stuck and he coughs it all out. Your situation does sound a little unusual.
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    I've saved a few articles on ducks and worms:

    This one was written by Chris Ashton:

    Here's another:

    I spoke with Dave Holderread about worming and he mostly worms at sell time. I think I will do a yearly worming (after molt) as well as a worming when letting ducks go. I was reluctant to enter this thread because I haven't done it yet. But my understanding is that you use IVOMEC[​IMG] (ivermectin) 1% Injection for Cattle and Swine. When he wormed the last ducks I got from him, he used two sets of hands. One to hold the duck with it's mouth open, and the other to squirt a few drops of the ivermectin into the ducks mouth.

    Use at your own risk. Again, I haven't done this yet.
  5. Now you got me thinking, I have a new drake who is coughing. I put the hen I bought him with with the other ducks because I didn't want her to get sick too. Now I think maybe I should find some Ivermectin for all of them. Good thing no one is laying right now.
    Would DE clean out the soil??
  6. Can you just buy Ivermectin off the shelf?
  7. rainplace

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    Yes you can. I would call the feed store and ask them first.

  8. Thanks Rainplace!
  9. I was told to worm ducks in the fall. I use regular horse ivermectin paste, 1.87%. Just use a bb sized amount and open their mouth and put it on their tounge.

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