deworming chickens

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  1. kateklaire

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    Mar 29, 2009
    where can I buy a reasonable amount of a dewormer for my small flock of hens? and what should I get? I'm in berkeley california.

    also I have a rhodie with a darkened face and comb, and is eating but losing weight. she has been in this same state for about a week and I can't figure it out. any ideas would be much appreciated.
  2. If your birds arent acutely ill or having problems and just need routing worming, you can do a simple approach...
    Suspend a clove of Garlic in a stocking hose....suspend in water for about a week in the water, this may take care of your need.
  3. How old is your Rhodie....and can you give a bit more info on condition? Is she being kept away from the rest of the flock?
  4. Eastins Eggs

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    Jan 11, 2009
    Ceresco Nebraska
    Are they laying? If they are, there are no dewormers labeled for chickens.

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