DH and son saying turkeys are too stupid

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by dixiegal62, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Both are against me getting some and say they are so dumb they'll drown in the rain. DH's mom had a tom when we married and it didnt drown itself, it was free range. How do wild turkeys survive if this is true? Where did this come from? I've heard other say it too. DH wont stop me from getting some but he'll sure work on me to change my mind. The yearly spring turkey debate is on!
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  2. nivtup

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    Go with a heritage breed and you will find them to be more intelligent.
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    Mar 22, 2011
    I'm getting turkeys to eat so mine won't be pets can't help you. :)
  4. We raise turkeys for pets, sure they arent the brightest bulb but wait until you get them, and they decide who their mother is, They will run to you, follow you, show you DH what happens when you run and the turkeys are like 6 months, they will run! to you, its cute cause their run is so stupid.

    Midget Whites tend to be dumber, but I can gurantee you that wild turkeys aint dumb, and I think you can buy wild crossed turkeys, but those wouldnt be friendly, midget whites are really sweet

    think of it this way : dumber the turkey, nicer it is, doent matter if its smart or not, they have addictive personalitys and will make you fall in love with them!
  5. Oh and I think what he means is that young poults if they look up in rain can drown, never had any of ours do it tho, they would take shelter then rather look up and drown
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    Well... the way the old wives tale goes is that they look up trying to figure out what the rain is and drown. But the thing is, birds eyes are on the sides of their heads, not the front. So when a turkey or chicken wants to look up, they turn their head sideways so the eye is facing up. Not likely to drown that way, huh? And poults don't drown either, they just get wet and can die from getting chilled.

    Turkeys are not stupid. One thing people often use to say how stupid they are is that they fly out of their coop and 'are too stupid' to go back in. Look at it from the birds perspective. Fences aren't natural. In nature, usually if they can see through something (bushes, etc...), they can walk through.

    They can get in trouble because they are really curious. Sometimes the curiosity gets them killed, like if they go check out a strange dog.

    Before you get turkeys, I will tell you to be careful... They are addictive!
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  7. Yes, curiosity is mostly why people think their dumb

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    Like Frosty said, poults die from exposure, not drowning. Had a storm arrive, one July afternoon, while I was out adding sand to the turkey run. No rain, initially, just hail. The last turkey into the shed was me. Now, the `profile' presented by turks in heavy rain might have gotten some stories started. In two-inch-an-hour downpours the hens, in particular, will try to make as small a target as possible (head up): [​IMG]
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    my response would have been ......... and you're just as stupid if you believe in old wives tales. (some of which I believe were started by old husbands... jez sayin) But that is me.

    What they may lack in what we perceive as intelligence, they more than make up for in personality! (turkeys, not DHs and sons) ;)

    I would say this year should be different, instead of allowing them to convince you not to get turkeys.... Just go get them and change their minds instead of yours!
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    I agree with Frosty.

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