Dh Said I Can Get More!!!!

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    Just watching some TV last night and out of the blue he said we can get two or three more ladies this Spring!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now we just have to figure out the coop situation. [​IMG] We have a Eglu Cube and there is NO WAY more birds will fit in there. So we're trying to think of options. DH wants to figure out a way of modifying the Cube to handle more. I think we just need to build a new one and keep the Cube for the 'kids coop' later.

    Anyways, [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Just hadta share. [​IMG]

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    I love suprises!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Try to convince him to build a coop yourselves, it will save money, get him more involved in a project together with you, build it together, and it is really fun and bonding.

    And the benefit of building a coop? You can make it bigger than what you imagine at first, because I can promise you, after you had a few more hens, you'll be thinking of adding EVEN more hens, and by then, you'll already have the added space for them, without needing to build yet another coop. Think BIG my friend.
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    Think BIG my friend is right on from the previous poster!!!

    My DH and I had a great time working on our coop, and it was worth all the frustration and expense to be able to enjoy them like I do in the bad weather. So happy for you! [​IMG]

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    I just bought a set of plans with pictures and a material list off of Ebay. [​IMG] If we extend it (plans are for a 4x6, easily turned into a 4x8) I will legally be able to fit 8. Leaves some room to grow... [​IMG]

    Not sure how much help I'll be with building though. [​IMG] I'll be 7 mo pregnant by the time it's warm enough to build.

    This is the auction. It will probably be a two weekend project at least.
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    Mine did, too. When we built the coop, we made it larger than needed for the number of chickens we had ordered. So he said, if I want, since I am the one who does most of the care, I can get more in the Spring!

    Yeah, build it larger than you need, then you can add a few here and a few there...

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    Quote:EXACTLY... [​IMG] I'm already trying to nudge it up a bit. I only really want one of each breed I'm looking at (Speckled Sussex, Light Brahma, and Dominique) but I'm sure if I have the space I'll end up filling it. [​IMG]

    But only if I can convince DH... [​IMG]

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