DH said What?! my Soldier found out my secret!

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    While my husband has been in afghanistan, serving our country, I've been at home, doing all the things he'd never have let me do if he'd been home... like buying turkey chicks, and meaties etc.. Anyway, everyone in the family has been under strict orders to NOT tell DH about any of these poultry experiments. Anyway, DH called today, after a really, scary mission, and we were just chatting, trying to make things feel as normal as possible, and he mentioned that he might like to try one of those 'birds in the freezer'! Turns out BIL spilled the beans when DH mentioned he was thinking about getting meat birds this next spring, but was unsure how I (a vegetarian) would handle it... so funny! I did it this year so he could benefit firsthand from our chickens, and maybe he'd hate them less... and now we're discussing fencing and planning for next spring! He'll be home before christmas!
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    Atta Girl! Just tell him you were reading his mind [​IMG]
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    I was looking for the "LIKE" button. That is so sweet.
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    I did the same while my DH was working away in Kansas. Ive always wanted ducks but I knew if I got them when he got back he would say...Well, what do you need them for. I got 6 babies from Metzers 2 months before he got home and the next day when I went out to feed, he followed to go say hi to everyone (minis, goats). I let the ducks out and he was like WOW,, they are cute. He was ok with it after all. I have since gone from 6 babies to 22 ducks in less than a month. They are not for eating but we do sell all the aggs and they pay for their own food. [​IMG]
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    tell him thank you for me and thank you too --

    Love our soldiers [​IMG]
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    Soooo glad he'll be home soon!! Praying for him and all our soldier daily!
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    [​IMG] Good news all around.
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    Too funny! Glad he was more amenable to the idea than you thought he would be. When my Dh gets back from a deployment he always likes to take a tour of the house to see what new things I got while he was away.

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