Dh sitting here saying..songbirds??


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I had no clue they were like songbirds...

my chicks are singing li'l chirpy songs...WTHeck??? really..I had no clue they did this..

they are also wobbling and falling off their perch when they sleep..its sooo funny...

you hear chirpychirpy...nothing..then thud...then a smattering of wing-rustles lol...
I have raised cockatiels and parakeets before and when you have more than a few together they will chatter and chirp and it does seem really soothing to them. I imagine its the same for chicks. How cute!
Same here, it's so sweet. Along with it usually comes yawns, piling on top of one another under the heat of the lamp, sprawling their little legs out behind them as they close their eyes...
I brood my chicks in the house with my parrot and cockatiels. I hear chirping in stereo even after I move the chicks outside lol
I love the 4 fast peeps they make then they eat something they love. The peep is distinct from all their other sing songy ones. The first of the 4 peeps this the lowest note, then goes up from there. Get it? My DBF says they are "recharging" like a battery. Funny and extremely cute! I will miss all these tweets when they go to cluck-cluck-clucking.
I had no idea either. We really like the sound. I tell my little boys "if they are making this sound you are doing the right thing....if they are screeching...you are doing the wrong thing".
last night one of my chicks thought it was a chickadee... no joke! I thought it was on the tv... until I muted it... then I heard it again.
hope it keeps it's unique(for a chicken)song! I can tell my little cockerels' songs from my pullets'... the cockerels have a tendancy to growl every now and then... too cute! I'll hear, "peep, peep-peep, PEEEP" the out of nowhere,"Prrrrrreeeep, prrrrreeeeep!"

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