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    Feb 29, 2008
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    I've heard that those eggs sold at the market labeled "DHA" are from hens that eat flax seed. I know that flax seed is a good source of DHA, but am unsure of what amount to feed them. My chicks are 5 weeks. Should I start giving them some now, or wait until they are laying?
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    im not sure, mine eat grass though [​IMG]
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    Bought mine some flax, just for something different to throw into the run. They tolerated it, but by no means snapped it up like cracked corn. It also takes root in my run. My run is all sand and I turn it twice a month. I uncover tons of sprouts. The chickens really don't even eat those. Don't know why.

    Mine want Lawn Grass and Corn. If it was up to them, they would dismiss all else.
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    Quote:I believe that the primary benefit of feeding flaxseed is with egg production so you may just want to wait until they are laying.

    The "problem" with flaxseed is the fishy flavor some people detect in the eggs. There may be other issues but that's all I know about.

    Having only 5% to 15% flaxseed increases the total omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs. But, what may cause the off-flavor isn't influenced by feeding flaxseed up to the 15% level. (If I understand the literature correctly. [​IMG])

    So, if 1 hen eats about 4 ounces of feed a day - a half ounce of flaxseed per hen daily shouldn't change the flavor of the eggs. A half ounce would probably be about a tablespoon. If you notice an off-flavor, you could just decrease the flax.

    Haven't fed flaxseed - just read about it and thought I'd share.


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