Diabetes anyone?


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Oct 1, 2007
Ophir, CA
Well, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in February which sure explained a lot of things.... from cardiac hospitalization in November to excessive sweating and mood swings and irritability and dizziness and blurred vision.. etc......

I am controlling with low carb diet, exercise and some homeopathic remedies, because my doc wanted me try this stuff first. My fsbs run between 90 to 120, when I am very diligent and much higher than that when I am not.

I would love to talk to some other diabetics and pick your brains and connect with some of you. I had been a diabetes forum, but it is way too hard to keep track of two forum.... and I would rather be talking about chickens and meet some diabetics.. cuz the other way just doesn't work

****This thread is never, ever to replace the advice or care of a doctor*********
Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar
Glad you aren't on meds yet! It runs in my family. Lots of amputations from complications and such. It can be a devastating disease. I hope you manage it well.
I was diagnosed in Sept. of 09.

I'm on Metformin. I also take lisinopril to keep my liver from dying and my kidneys semi healthy.
Vision has been affected. I can rarely keep my BS below 200.

I exercise A LOT. I try to be good.

I'm down 65 lbs now from my high.... 65 more lbs to go.

One of these days, I figure I won't wake up.

But this life has been a lot of fun and my family and my chickens keep me happy.
me too, had gestational diabetes when i was pregnant with my 8 year old and it came back a few years later. I take insulin. I was on Metformin and allergic to it. I was on another pill but I had so many lows I asked to switch to insulin. Im still not real good with it but better. Down nearly 35 pounds this year. Carbs are a problem for me, potatoes, pasta, rice. And finding recipes that are practical. What natural remedies are you using?
And Im right there with the vision too, significant loss in the last 2 years and need reading glasses for everything from a book to a cereal box.
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Yes, I take 3-4000mg cinnamon a day.. two 500 mg caps with meals and 1 with snacks. I find if I keep my carb counts to under 35 for meals and under 20 for snacks and eat every two hours to prevent my liver from kicking in to make glucose, I have done pretty well. I also take Blood Glucose Defense.. which has the vanadium and fenugreek and bitter melon etc. I know these are working for me because the two times I have forgotten it, my bs went to 200.

I am also taking the lisinopril and am surprised i don't have more kidney and eye damage than I do. This went undiagnosed for so long and I was having so many symptoms, but now they are so much better that I think I may have caught it in time before permanent damage.

I too have a LONG LONG LONG way to go to lose the weight I need to in order to increase my insulin sensitivity. Since Feb 12 I have lost 17 pounds following this program and I joined curves. That is all my body can handle now.

But I think the initial reaction of Oh I will beat this in no time.. is wearing off and reality is setting in and it is scarey and daunting. I am a nurse so I see firsthand how all complications can go. So while I am determined to do whatever it takes to keep my bs below 140, it is hard and depriving...I am really missing my homemade pancakes and ice cream etc....
If you want a fool proof way to stop all issues with infection, slow healing and slow down nerve damage, then get started taking fermented cod liver oil. www.drrons.com
Organ damage is also dealt with.
The bottles cost $45, and last six months with single dosage usuage.
You can read about it more at www.westonaprice.org

And do not eat low fat. Stop eating vege oils and other refined and fake fats, and switch to real butter, lard and raw coconut oil. Foods that actually nourish the body will go a long ways towards healing and balance.
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I have the cinnamon, where do you get the Blood Glucose Defense, I did a search and found Blood Sugar Defense?

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