Diagnose this poop- w/ pics

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    This hen was on 14 days of oxytet for an infection. A week later (last Friday) the vet said to worm her with 0.10cc ivomec. Four days later (this past Tuesday), she developed green watery stools, crouching behavior and lethargy. On top of all of this, she is molting. She is getting subQ fluids, but the watery poop persists after 4 days of treatment. She is eating and drinking and wants to scratch/browse. I know that the meds probably wrecked her system, but is there anything else I can do? I've had her in quarantine since Tuesday. [​IMG][​IMG][/IMG]
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    I would give her some probiotics in plain yogurt or a supplement for a few days, and then a couple of times a week if you haven't done that already. Very watery droppings can be common if drinking a lot of water too, but the antibiotics may wipe out the intestinal flora.

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