10 Years
May 2, 2009
Thought my hen was eggbound. Been doctoring her for a couple of days, but nothing was happening. So broke down this morn and took her to the vet.
Her abdomen was very extended, tight but squishy. I thought she had an egg way up, at the base of her wing. Kept trying to move it down, but it stayed in place.
He expressed about 2 cups of fluid out of her. Most of it was yellowish, like urine, the last that came out was pink. It just shot out of her! He also pulled something out and then put it back in. I didn't know what it was. He said she had a lot of scar tissue he had to break thru. The "thing" he pulled out was the tumor. Her abdomen is back to normal. He gave her a shot of antibiotics. He said the next time she crashed, we should put her down.
Poor girl! She is an almost 3 1/2 yr old black star. Has given us lots of good eggs and we have gotten pretty chummy the last couple of days in the house with me.
I think she would love to be a house chicken!! She has been very alert, eating and drinking. That is why I took her to vet. She didn't seem ready to go yet. I'm letting her recover from the car ride, giving her feed and water, then going to turn back out with the others, where she can live her life out with her friends. It was worth the $40 dollars to be relieved of the stress of wondering and trying to help her and not knowing what else to do for her. I almost had my DH put her down yesterday, but because she wasn't ready to go yet, I kept on trying. It also worth it to know what the problem is, so the next time I might know a little more. Hopefully I won't have this problem anymore, but you never know. I really loved the vet. He is located about 35 mi from me and he has raised chickens all his life. Very compassionate and kind. I'm so glad I found him.

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