Diamond Dove advice


Feb 15, 2018
North Carolina
For my birthday my sister gave me a Diamond Dove, with all the food and grit that it needed for a while. Yet, I've never owned a Dove and honestly didn't even know you could own one as a pet. I'm used to seeing wild Doves outside.

So far the Dove is cooing, eating and drinking yet I'm wondering if I need to get it a friend? I can't have it out all the time because of my husband's cat so I normally have it out with me at night while I read or do paperwork in my office.

Here is a picture of it. Also, can anyone tell me the sex?


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I'm hoping to figure out the sex and then maybe find it a nice mate. I don't know if same sex can be kept together or not.
@rebrascora is also someone who knows diamond doves i think. She and Jae are in distant time zones but you should get some good advice within a day or so. :D

As to the gender, ... how old do you think your bird is? Some color differences may show at around 6 months.
...this nixt link has a section on sexing them by the eye ring at about 6 months ...
hope this helps!

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