Diarrhea in ducks


Oct 16, 2021
Hey yall, so my ducks have very wet poop/diarrhea. I think they have had it for as long as I an remember, but sometimes it gets more solid and sometimes not. I had been giving them probiotics and electrolytes for a while, but they didn't do all that much. My dad said it was probably normal but I don't think so. It varies in color from time to time and I don't spend all that much time observing it, but I now I probably should. I never see blood or worms in it though I know that for sure. Sometimes its browner, sometimes its greener, but my guess is that's just from different food. I have ducks, three of which free range a couple days a week and swim in a drain in our horse pasture, and the other two stay in the run due to bumblefoot and other issues. There is no more grass in the run and it is quite muddy but it is better than it has been since I have been dumping shavings in there. We feed out ducks and chickens flock raiser, layena, and scratch grains. Should I get a specific duck feed? Idk...I just want to help them. They have been acting fine besides...so I dont know

Crazy Maizie

Jul 3, 2020
You don't need to feed 2 feeds. Flock raiser is what I use due to having drakes and a rooster as well. I have oyster shell on the side for layers. Scratch is just like candy. So if having an issue, cut the scratch totally out of their diet.


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Oct 16, 2020
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I also find certain breeds have watery poop. Like my Pekin has very watery poop. But she drinks a ton of water especially during the summer. They overheat more than other breeds, so I think they drink more water because of that.

Unless I see a dramatic sudden change in their excrement, I don't worry as much. Like for example, my Muscovy drake had very solid dark poop. He started having very watery poop all of a sudden and along with that his penis became inflamed and would not stay in. If you noticed other things being off, that is a good sign something is happening. Otherwise their poop can vary quite a bit. If they start to eat something, it can cause the color to change. Mine would eat raw olives and their poop would go black.

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