Diarrhea in week old chicks?


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Mar 25, 2008
I am a new momma to 12, one-week old Rhode Island Red chicks. These are the first chickens that I have ever owned, so please excuse my inexperience! Two of my chicks have a foamy looking diarrhea and it is getting pasted onto their little behinds, which is getting old to keep cleaning off. Not to mention that they are getting tired of it being cleaned off! Is this normal or is it something for me to be concerned about? I have called two vets in my area, Tractor Farm Supply (where I bought them), the USDA vet in my area and nobody can help me. In fact, a receptionist at one of the vet's offices that I called even questioned me as to why these chicks weren't with their momma still!
Can someone please tell me if this problem needs to be addressed or if it is nothing to worry about? Thank you!

I am keeping the chicks in a large, clear plastic storage box in the guest bathroom. I also have a heat lamp in there about three feet above the storage box to keep them warm. There isn't any drafts and the room is warm. If I can figure out how to attach a picture, I will. I am also feeding them Dumor Chick Starter/Grower 20%.
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For the pasty but, after you clean it off, try to put on a dab of oil or Vaseline to keep poo from sticking. Are you sure there are no drafts in the brooder? Any pasty butt should usually be starting to clear up by now and is often caused by getting chilled during shipping.

For the bubbly poo, how often is it? Some melted chocolate "cecal" poo is normal, and a few odd poos is also normal. I wouldn't worry unless it is all the poos.

Could you further describe your set up and their food? That may help give more clues.

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