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    Feb 7, 2011
    north Georgia
    I let my chickens out to free range around the yard today. It clouded up like we would get rain so I went to gather them up and put them back in their coop and run. Everyone came to me willingly except one hen. I called for her and searched everywhere and didn't see her. It started to rain and lightning so I went in the house very worried about her. The rain let up so I went to look again, I found her on her side and completely soaked through on the edge of the woods. She looked dead but as I picked her up she moved. I rushed her into the house to dry her off. As I was doing so I found a huge glob of diarrhea stuck in her feathers with ants crawling around it. I bathed her in warm water and dried her off, but she isn't acting right. She sits with her head held low and doesn't really want to move. I have her in the house right now in a box with shavings. What should I do for her? What could have caused this?

    The only piece of information I can add is that the chickens have taken a liking to the wild blackberries that grow on my property. They sit and eat them all day. Could this be what caused her problem? None of the other 5 are affected though.
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    Keep her warm, keep her hydrated and eating...... vitamins in water, foods such as scrambled eggs, wet dog food , yogurt etc..... When was she last wormed? Worms are the fist thing I look for or treat when they seem off and no other symptoms. Also check for stuck eggs or egg binding.

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