6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Have a Barred Rock hen (approx 2 yrs old) acquired a few weeks ago on CL. Has watery/jelly-like stools, not at all normal looking poop, sometimes looks like a bit of yolk in stool, not laying, drinks, eats but not normal amount (less than others), is kind of listless, lays down in the pen & acts drowsy (eyes drifting shut). ??? Owned chickens for most of my life, never had this. Any help what to do/what this may be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Did they say she was laying before? Just moving would interrupt things, but I'd also be worried about her being egg bound. At any rate, she sounds like she needs some intervention, first liquids - unflavored pedialyte, or water with the vitamin/electrolyte powder added [TSC sells it]; make sure she's hydrated. Try feeding her scrambled eggs - if I offer that and the chicken isn't interested, I know I have a very sick chicken on my hands. She may have cocci or parasites...hopefully nothing worse than that. Mine love an Epsom salts soaking - seems to make them feel better no matter what's wrong. Got the idea here: http://hencam.com/faq/the-spa-treatment/
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