Diatemaceous Earth (DE)


7 Years
Jul 7, 2012
Western Colorado
I am a newbie to chickens and guineas since the spring. I have no problems but also want to be preventive. I have been reading on DE. There are varying opinions, including that it does nothing to it cures lots of problems, like mites. I did buy some 100% pure DE (not the mixture that is sold at some stores) and am considering sprinkling it on the dirt floor of my chicken house and then putting down the wood chips and hay. And sprinkling it in the nesting boxes. Some people mix it into the feed. And what about filling a big tub and mixing with dirt (to cut down on the production of dust) for their dust baths? Does anyone have experience with DE. I know people eat it, too. Thanks.
DE is good for about everything you mentioned. It helps dry things out, but once wet, it is useless until it dries. Mixing it in feed helps keep it dry and kills insects by dessication. Why anyone would want to eat silica is beyond me, like eating sand.

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