Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade to Combat Ants, Flie and Other Insects

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    Two days ago, I brought in the hummingbird feeder to change the water. It was covered with ants. Last week I had bought 100 pounds of food grade diatomaceous earth, and I recalled my having read on here how someone killed ants with it. I took about a teaspoon of de and spread it at the base of the shepherds hook/pole that the feeder hangs on. Yesterday, I looked at the feeder, and, voila, not ONE ant on it of the pole or feeder.
    Okay, now here's the presumption/question:
    It seems to me that diatomaceous earth could NEVER deteriorate, so if I sprinkle a contiuous one-inch-wide line of it all the way around my house/garage no ants, spiders, etc., could ever cross the line and live. Wadya think?
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    Dec 3, 2007
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    We bought DE to try and kill fire ants on our farm...and it was as useless as spreading sugar.
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    It's not a fool proof killing method, but does help to kill the buggers by nicking their outer shells. They die from the injuries. The DE has really sharp edges that can be seen with a microscope.
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    DE is actually a rock made up form the shells (tests) of microscopic organisims called diatoms that live in huge numbers in the ocean. Unlike most ocean critters that make their shells out of calcium carbonate (which becomes limestone when it turns into rock), diatoms make their shells out of silicon dioxide..or quartz (or if you like, glass).
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    it will wash away when it rains, but give it a try and let us know how it goes

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