Dickey Incubators


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Western Kentucky
Who has them how good are they? Anybody have a Dickey and a Sportsman. Which do you like better. Got pictures of your Dickey? Are they digital? Do they have a digital display where you can set the temps? I am in the market and wanted to learn all about the Dickey befor i get a cabinet.
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I have that same question, so I will bump up your thread. I would love to know if the digital version of the Dickey can be set that way or if it's simply a digital thermometer and hygrometer that just gives a read out not acts as a thermostat? If it is, is there much benefit really to having that or could a person just add their own?
With the one I got last year it is just a clip on one. But I love my Dicky, I've hatched just about everything I've put in it from Seramas to goose, ducks, pheasant, turkey and peafowl.....

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