Did anyone watch the "Secret Millionaire" last night?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Ol'FashionHen, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Oct 24, 2008
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    [​IMG], I cried like a baby for two hours last night watching this show. Millionaires going undercover as homeless/unfortunate themselves getting to know folks that our homless or having hard times such as Katrina victims still trying to rebuild, a small girl with bone cancer and no insurance and giving them their own money to help them out, how gracious. Oh I love good people(rich or poor). Bless that woman for feeding and giving those homeless folks a place to stay. The first millionaires gave a total of $125,000.00 of their own money and the second millionaires gave $300,00.00 of their own money. [​IMG]
  2. Katy

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    I watched the first hour. I find it sad that it takes a TV show for a few rich people to get in touch with what the world is like for those less fortunate.
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    May 20, 2008
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    I watched both of them and was halfway through the second one when I wondered how they did the show.

    Did they go through their week, meeting and getting to know the people and then do a reenactment with the camera crews after they already gave out the money? Because I am sure those people would not have believed any of them as down and out with camera crews following them around lol.

    The first show was much more believable then the second one also. People with a nice Suburban like that, even if its dusty, don't usually need to rent a tiny trailer. And how come the first two guys only gave away $125,000 but the second ones gave $300,000?

    Guess I am a cynic, but if you can fly away in a personal jet, blow 5 grand on 1 dinner, and have millions in the bank, 50-100 grand seems like pocket change.

    I suppose its the thought that counts, but its tough to see so many people hurting and going without while other people have more money than they could ever spend and that doesn't bother them at all or enough to share more of it.
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    Jun 4, 2007
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    I watch the shows and really liked them. I think I liked the first one better. I think that spoiled son will be changed.

    I think all of our elected officials should do this to see how America is really like.

  5. Katy

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    Quote:I read somewhere they told people they were being followed around and filmed as part of a documentary on poverty in America.
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    I only caught the part of the second one, with the married couple driving around in the big SUV. If you noticed that the people they gave the money too were individuals who were trying to make a difference and bring back the community in which they were living.
    They were reaching out to help other victims of Katrina.

    It is a sad thing today that even now 3 years after Katrina people are still struggling to rebuild their homes and their lives. People used to help each other, no questions asked. Neighbors knew each other, helped each other out in times of need, and came together as a community.

    Nowadays, not many people know who their neighbors are, could care less as long as it doesn't affect them. People come home, and lock themselves behind their doors of their homes. People are terrorized by kids left to their own devices and out of control. No wonder our country is in such a mess today!

    But it is not all gloom and doom. There are groups out there trying to make life a little better for others. Such is the community I have found here on BYC. I have seen such outpouring of support for people who have had their flocks destroyed by someone else's animal. I have read the messages of support for people who are having a diffulcult time and offers of assistance. People on here freely share their time, offer information, make suggestions and even offer guidance to others when needed.

    Maybe it is because we share a common interest in chickens and other animals, maybe it is because our own nature is one of compassion and thus we automatically reach out to those in need.

    But whatever it is that drives us, you all make me proud to be a fellow BYC'er.
  7. I loved the show....

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