Did I buy an acceptable ag lime product?

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    I did some reading here and elsewhere online about the differences/uses between ag/garden lime and barn/hydrated lime. I gathered that the biggest difference was the amount of magnesium (higher in barn/hyrated lime). I want the ag/garden lime to sweeten the ground and also to mix into the feed as a calcium source.

    So I picked up a bag from Home Depot, and it says it is 99% CaCO3, <1% magnesium, and 31% elemental calcium. It's labeled as a "fast acting fertilizer."

    Any thoughts on whether this will be OK to use as I intend to, and not to decompose dead bodies quickly? LOL! Is there a way I can test it on myself to make sure it won't burn?

    Help from those who have used lime very much appreciated. Thank you!
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    I wish I could answer you in those terms. I've always read that it needs to be agricultural lime.

    I do know that pelletized lime is fine, and this is what I buy, mostly because it is so easy to handle -- and it is not dusty. I only use it to scatter a handful in the coop now and then, for freshness, drying poop, fly and odor control, etc. It is just a bit more expensive than the dusty stuff.

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