Did I mention...that Im not a morning person?

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  1. Did I mention that Im not a morning person...
    I like the confort of my surrounding
    I like the warmth of the star-glazed quilt
    So...Please do not draw the curtains
    for Im not a morning person...

    Common and jump back in...cuddle up with me
    Spend the day under the covers
    not a worry in mind
    Did I mention...Im not a morning person...

    But if I have to get up... oh well thee well...
    make sure the coffee is strong and hot
    make sure the shower is steaming
    For Im not a morning person...
    and if those things are not there...
    Did I mention Im not a morning person...

    For I wish I could stay in bed all day...
    under the confort of my cozy covers
    with my head laid down on a fluffy pillow
    all comfortable and warm
    Why would I want to escape that...

    Did I ever tell you....Im not a morning person....

    I been writting poems and books since I can remember. This is something I came up with just this morning.
    What you think?
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    Not bad, for not being a morning person [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Smiles, its rare for something to come up nowaday since my mind been too pre-occupied but just this morning, something came up even if it is a lil silly.

    Well, kids are off to school and hubby is at work. Baby LIly is still asleep and I dont have to leave to take care of errands for a few hours so Im going back to bed. Just make sure the COFFEE IS HOT when I get up or else [​IMG] to pay.
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    Sep 30, 2008
    What kinda books you been writting?
  5. last book i wrote was in high school but it got destroyed by a roomate before I was able to send it to a publisher after I had DS. It was about a orphaned deaf teen girl that was raised by her 2 older brothers in a small town that thought the rich was a better behavior then the poor. The ones living in the low-town were consently abused and violated by the ones living in high class but the law didn't want to believe that the "Sweet and Innocent Rich Kids" were the ones causing problems.

    Im trying to re-write it to the best of my memories of it but unfortunately everytime I do try to re-write it...it doesn't sound right.

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