Did My Broody Hen Ruin Her Eggs?


11 Years
Jun 9, 2008
It's sort of gross but I smelled something gross and found she has been going to the bathroom in her best box and her eggs are covered! I took them out and wiped them off as good as I could, I had to use a lightly damp towel to get it off but I set them back in. They are fertile up till now I believe there veins looks lively no blood rings. Also when I was cleaning them she took a good hour before she got back on them, is that to long and will they continue growing or just all quit now? Thanks so much for replys!
The hour shouldn't hurt but the poop could, from bacterial contamination. That's unusual behavior; usually they hold it and poop a large poop off the nest. You'll just have to wait and see.

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